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Condition is described as

Coeliac Disease
Gluten sensitivity
Gluten intolerance

Dietary explanation

I have an illness called coeliac disease and have to follow a strict gluten-free diet, or I may become very unwell.

I cannot eat any foods that contain flours or grains of wheat, rye, barley or oats, for example:
– Soy sauce
– Pasta
– Semolina
– Bread, cakes and pastries

As long as no wheat, rye, barley or oats are used in their preparation, I can eat all kinds of:
– Fruit
– Vegetables
– Plain meat
– Fish
– Potatoes
– Rice, quinoa, polenta
– Cheese, eggs, milk

Please make sure that my dish is cooked without any breadcrumbs or batter and that no wheat flour has been added to any sauces or gravy

Please advise me which dishes you are certain that I may eat safely.If you are unsure, please tell me.

Thank you for your help.

Where to buy gluten-free food

Gluten-free food can usually be bought in the following places:

– Most large supermarkets such as Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsburys, ASDA, CO-OP, Morrison’s and Marks & Spencer.Many have their own Free From range where you will find specialist gluten-free foods, such as pasta, biscuits and bread.Most supermarkets will be able to supply you with a list of their own brand foods that are suitable for someone with coeliac disease

– Health Food stores such as Julian Graves and Holland & Barratt are in most big towns

– Pharmacies – foods can be ordered through pharmacies but this is expensive

– If you are registered with a doctor, they can prescribe you food, which can be ordered from a pharmacy, such as Boots or Superdrug

Some gluten-free brands available in the UK are: Juvela, Glutafin, Lifestyle, Dietary Specials, Livwell, Genius and Trufree.


Subject to EU food labelling regulations.

Local Food

– Roasts (without the gravy), steaks and salads are all likely to be suitable for someone with coeliac disease.

– Check carefully how roast potatoes or chips are made.They are sometimes coated in flour or fried in the same oil as battered foods.

– It is best to call the restaurant in advance and check with the chef that your needs can be catered for.Some restaurants will be able to prepare a dish especially for you.


– Check how soups and salad dressings have been made. The same advice applies to ice creams, yoghurts and desserts. Some might contain gluten.

– Fried fish from fish and chip shops are likely to be covered in batter or dipped in flour.Chips cooked in the same oil as battered fish are not suitable.


Awareness is good in the UK, but you will still need to explain the diet thoroughly and ensure that you have been understood.

Other information

For further information please contact Coeliac UK:

High Wycombe office

3rd Floor
Apollo Centre
Desborough Road
High Wycombe
HP11 2QW

Switchboard: 01494 437278
Fax: 01494 474349
Helpline: 0333 332 2033

Scottish office
1 Saint Colme Street

Tel: 0131 220 8342
Fax: 0131 220 8201

Welsh office
Baltic House
Mount Stuart Square
Cardiff Bay
CF10 5FH

Tel: 029 2049 9732

Website: www.coeliac.org.uk
Email: www.coeliac.org.uk/contact-us

Last update of this Travel Net information: April 2011

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