Office situation - colleagues at work

Sometimes it’s hard being alone with dietary restrictions, and celiacs can feel cut off from their gluten-eating friends and coworkers. To connect with your colleagues at work we give you some tips:

  1. Try to explain to your colleagues what the celiac disease means.
  2. Don’t get mad if they often forget about you, keep calm and try to raise awareness about the situation.
  3. Cook gluten free sweets for everyone so you can prove how good it is.
  4. If it still hard to manage the situation, bring your own gluten-free food with you so you can avoid cross-contamination and eliminate the temptation to stray from the gluten-free diet.

With some planning and practice, while maintaining open communication with those around you about your condition, it will get easier.

Watch the video and tell us: Have you ever lived a similar situation? How’s it at work?

Which ways do you use to raise awareness about gluten free diet at work?