Summer Camp 2016 – Cyprus

When I think back to my time in Cyprus, I can’t help but smile.  It was one of the most relaxing, fun-filled, amazing weeks of my life.  I got to be under the Cypriot sun, visit archeological sites, explore Paphos, but I especially enjoyed the delicious food prepared at Neapolis University by the Cypriot team. 

Most importantly, CYE Summer Camp brought 40 amazing new friends into my life. Representing over 7 countries, many ages and a variety of backgrounds, we were all united by one gene and diet.  It was amazing to meet people who are just like you, but also so different.  Most importantly, though, it was refreshing – you can be yourself instead of the person with Celiac Disease who has to eat different foods!  Whether we were parasailing, riding on the Wedding Bus, dancing, singing Enrique Iglesias (because I made everyone play all of his songs, all day long), swimming and playing in the pool, or making mosaics, we were always having a blast.

CYE Summer Camp 2016 Cyprus

One of my favorite parts of the day was dinnertime, when the table was filled with dynamic conversations interspersed with different accents and languages, everyone trying to understand one another in English.  I loved seeing the dynamic that CYE members share, especially people from different chapters/regions who met at previous camps and stayed in touch.  I enjoyed watching friends reunited and friendships build. 

CYE Summer Camp 2016 Cyprus

I wish something like CYE existed everywhere in the world, because I believe that CYE is a wonderful support system that lets youth be young and enjoy their lives without having to worry!  This camp is such a unique and incredible experience that unites us, introduces people into your life whom you will remember forever, and forms new bonds and lasting friendships, and for that I will be forever grateful. 

I can’t wait for future CYE events, where I can see the friends I made at Summer Camp in Cyprus and make new ones!

Allie Scheiber – United States

Article featured on Beat the Wheat Issue 14