Summer Camp 2017 – Alicante

CYE Summer Camp, Alicante 2017, was a gluten-free Spanish experience.

With a timetable full of activities, in only one week we could combine unforgettable moments: cultural visits of castles, museums and old villages; parties in a disco or a night in the Alicante’s Castle; amazing adventures such as snorkeling, rafting and kayak or hiking in a natural park; paella lessons, everything together with the tasting of traditional Spanish food and wonderful people. The friendly, funny and diverse group was amazing with young coeliacs from 18 different countries.

One of the most special things about the CYE summer camps is when we meet these people, coming from all over the world, with varying cultures, backgrounds, and at different stages in our lives, we were immediately all drawn together by this great bond of mutual understanding. The feeling of relief and respite that comes from spending a week with other coeliacs should not be underestimated.

The Spanish team had exceeded the expectations and worked very hard for all of us. And that’s why getting back to reality can be tough, especially after a week of fun-filled activities, awesome people, and delicious food. Aside from all of the memories we created, the camp’s most special feature, in my opinion, was the organization and the team behind it.  You could really feel the energy and love that went into creating the camp. They make every day was unique and packed with nonstop fun.

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