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Dietary explanation


Soy celiaco, sufro una intolerancia al gluten y, por tanto, por motivos médicos no puedo tomar ningún alimento que contenga gluten, es decir, ningún alimento que contenga trigo, centeno, cebada, “espelta”, “kamut”, avena y aquellos productos del tipo de harinas, sémola, pan rallado, pan, pasta, fideos, “dumplings”, salsas, bizcochos y tartas, galletas, barquillos, obleas…

¿Existe algún plato en el menú adecuado a lo expuesto anteriormente? ¿Podría prepararme algún plato sin los alimentos mencionados anteriormente? Por ejemplo: puede usar harina de maíz o harina de patata para las salsas o carne, pescado o vegetales sin harina o pan rallado.

También es importante que los utensilios de cocina no estén manchados con alimentos que no puedo comer, al igual tendrá que preparar la comida en una zona de la cocina que no contenga restos de los alimentos que no puedo come.

Si tiene alguna duda, por favor, pregúnteme antes de preparar mi comida. Muchas gracias.


I am suffering from coeliac disease and therefore because of medical reasons I am not allowed to eat any foods which contain gluten-containing cereals or products of these.This means: No products from wheat, rye, barley, spelt, kamut and oats as well as products of these like flour, semolina, breadcrumbs, bread, pastry, noodles, dumplings, sauces, cakes, wafers, etc.

Are there any dishes on your menu which are suitable for me or can you prepare a meal without above mentioned foods e.g. to use maize starch or potato flour for the sauce and to prepare the meat, the fish or vegetables without flour or breadcrumbs?

It is also important to use clean kitchen equipment and prepare food in a clean area in the kitchen.

In doubt, please consult the person concerned. Thank you!



Quality Label

The Quality Label (‘’Controlado por Face’’) is intended as a way of ensuring the consumer that products bearing the seal have satisfied all of the requirements set down by FACE regarding maximum gluten level, thereby guaranteeing that it is safe for coeliacs.

For more information about “Controlado por FACE” go to:





FACEMOVIL is an app for mobile devices that offers assistance to coeliacs anywhere and anytime. It contains and updated list of gluten-free

If you live abroad, you are going to visit Spain, and you want this app click in the following link:

Every year in Spain is published a product listing of foods that are “safe for coeliacs.” It contains gluten-free products listed by manufacturer. This is a highly valued publication for coeliacs because it makes it easier to shop gluten-free. Basically, the “Safe for Coeliacs” product listing is a guide to eating gluten-free safely.


To get a copy of the product listing (“Alimentos aptos para celíacos”), send an e-mail to  or call FACE directly at +34 (91) 547 54 11.



In Spain there is a large variety of restaurants ranging from typical Spanish fare to international cuisine (Asian, Italian, French, Argentine…). Whenever eating out at a restaurant, we should keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Let the maître or waiter know that you are coeliac and that you need to follow a gluten-free diet.
  • Discuss the menu items that you think might be suitable for you.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask about ingredients and how the dish is prepared. Not everyone is familiar with Coeliac Disease or the gluten-free diet and even those who are familiar with it may not be as knowledgeable as you.
  • There are gluten-free dishes that can be found on the great majority of menus in restaurants (salads, grilled fish and meat, egg omelets, homemade desserts, fruit, etc). Just ask a few questions to make sure about the ingredients and preparation.
  • If you are ordering fried potatoes, ask if they can be prepared in a separate frypan. Keep in mind, though, that restaurants increasingly use fryers that are exclusively for potatoes since the frying temperature is not the same one used for other fried foods and because it makes for a better visual presentation by keeping small bits of fried foods from mixing with the fries.
  • Also ask for a clean fry pan when ordering a grilled dish. Sometimes flour is sprinkled on the normal grilling surface to keep things from sticking, and this represents a clear danger for cross contamination.
  • If you like bread, sweet rolls, or pasta, bring along a couple packages of these items when you travel–just in case. You can have the restaurant cook your pasta for you.

You can find coeliac association all over spain, they are organised by comunities. So they have their own listing of restaurants where you can get gluten-free fare. Here is the list where you can view the map with all our associations:


Useful Words and Phrases

Here is a list of terms and phrases that may come in handy when visiting Spain:

  • Enfermedad celiaca = celiac disease
  • Yo soy celiaco = I’m coeliac
  • No puedo comer productos que tengan como ingrediente: trigo, centeno, cebada o avena = I cannot eat things that contain wheat, rye, barley or oats.
  • Libre de gluten = gluten-free
  • Almidón de trigo = wheat starch
  • Soy celiaco y debo seguir una dieta sin gluten = I’m coeliac and must follow a gluten-free diet
  • Esta comida contiene trigo, centeno, cebada o avena? = Does this dish contain wheat, rye, barley, or oats?
  • Puedo comer alimentos que contengan arroz, patatas, verduras y frutas, huevos, queso, leche y pescado = I can eat dishes with rice, potatoes, vegetables, fruit, eggs, cheese, milk, and fish.
  • Sin salsa por favor = No sauce please!
  • Gracias por su ayuda = Thank you for your help!

This explanatory card may also come in handy when travelling in Spain. You can give it to the cook. Click here for explanatory card in Spanish.



Nowadays, people can eat specific gluten-free products in some restaurants chains such as: El Corte Inglés and Hipercor restaurants, Ikea restaurants, McDonald’s, Telepizza (not all of them, some restaurants in Madrid). Other restaurant chains where you can find gluten free food are: Vips, Foster Hollywood, Tommy Mel’s and Friday’s Spain.

Additionally, we have forged contacts with nationwide chains and have provided the necessary training on how to tend to a coeliac customer and how to prepare a gluten-free meal with all the necessary assurances. Click here for further information:

To get more information about other different restaurants, please contact to autonomous region association where the restaurants you have chosen is placed.



FACE has been all too aware of the problems facing coeliacs when traveling, particularly with regards to lodging. The Federation was moved to contact hotel chains in search of a quality commitment for coeliacs. In the form of a collaborative agreements, these hotel and restaurant chains commit themselves to putting together a gluten-free menu prepared with products bearing the “Controlado por FACE” Quality Label, which makes for an added guarantee. Additionally, they receive training about the disease, the gluten-free diet, and how best to approach the preparation, handling, and presentation of gluten-free dishes. FACE is always available to answer any questions that may arise.

When reserving a room at one of these hotels, a coeliac need only explain his or her situation and the hotel will handle the rest.

The hotel chains are as follows

We also have a lists of hotels that offer gluten-free food. For more information about those regional listings, you’ll need to contact the appropriate association / federation of the community you are visiting.

As for hotels in general, many offer gluten-free menus. But make sure you make your needs clear prior to making the reservation, since establishments that have been sympathetic to the needs of coeliacs may have changed ownership or may have undergone other changes that affect the recommendation you may have received about a particular hotel from someone that stayed there previously.




  • Asociación Provincial De Celíacos De Huelva (ASPROCEHU):
  • Asociación De Celíacos De Jaén:
  • Asociación Provincial De Celiacos De Sevilla (ASPROCESE):
  • Asociación De Celíacos De Córdoba (ACECO):
  • Asociación De Celiacos De Málaga (ACEMA):
  • Asociación De Celíacos De Granada:
  • Asociación De Personas Celiacas De La Provincia De Almería (ASPECEAL):
  • Asociación celíaca del Principado de Asturias (ACEPA):
  • Asociación celíaca Aragonesa (ACA):
  • Asociación de celiacos de las Islas Baleares (ACIB):
  • C.E.T. (Asociación provincia de Tenerife):
  • ASOCEPA (Asociación de Celiacos de la Provincia Las Palmas:
  • Asociación de Celíacos de Cantabria (ACECAN):
  • Asociación de celíacos de Castilla-La Mancha (ACCLM):
  • Asociación celiaca de Castilla y León (ACECALE):
  • Asociación de celiacos de la Comunidad Valenciana (ACECOVA):
  • Asociación celiaca de Extremadura (ACEX):
  • Asociación de celiacos de Galicia (ACEGA):
  • Asociación celíaca de La Rioja (ACERI):
  • Madrid Sin Gluten:
  • Asociación de Celiacos de Murcia (ACMU):
  • Asociación de celiacos de Navarra (ACNA):
  • Asociación celíaca de Euzkadi (EZE):


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