Dietary explanation

Kosten forklaring

Jeg lider af cøliaki, og  må af medicinske grunden derfor ikke spise fødevarer, som indeholder gluten-holdige korn eller produkter af disse.

Det betyder:
Ingen produkter fra hvede, rug, byg, spelt, kamut og havre samt varer af disse som mel, gryn, rasp, brød, wienerbrød, nudler, dumplings, saucer, kager, vafler, etc.

Er der nogen retter på din menu, som er egnet til mig, eller kan du forberede et måltid uden ovennævnte fødevarer fx at bruge majsstivelse eller kartoffelmel til saucen og forberede kød, fisk eller grøntsager uden mel eller rasp?

Det er også vigtigt at anvende rent køkkenudstyr og forberede fødevarer i et rent område i køkkenet.

Er du I tvivl, skal du kontakte den pågældende person. På forhånd tak!

Translation in English:

Dietary explanation

I am suffering from coeliac disease and therefore because of medical reasons I am not allowed to eat any foods which contain gluten-containing cereals or products of these.

This means:
No products from wheat, rye, barley, spelt, kamut and oats as well as products of these like flour, semolina, breadcrumbs, bread, pastry, noodles, dumplings, sauces, cakes, wafers, etc.

Are there any dishes on your menu which are suitable for me or can you prepare a meal without above mentioned foods e.g. to use maize starch or potato flour for the sauce and to prepare the meat, the fish or vegetables without flour or breadcrumbs?

It is also important to use clean kitchen equipment and prepare food in a clean area in the kitchen.

In doubt, please consult the person concerned. Thank you!

Where to buy gluten-free food

Denmark is not very coeliac friendly. There are gluten-free products available in the supermarkets, but you have to go to bigger ones in order to find it. Examples of supermarkets you can go to are Superbest and Superbrugsen. The range of gluten-free products is then still very basic, they sell flour, pasta and some bread. There are not really Danish brands they sell, most of it is from Schär. It is all more expensive than the gluten-variant of this product. There are also some special stores where more gluten-free products are available, but you really have to look for it.

Although there aren’t a lot of gluten-free products available in Denmark, it would still be more then in most countries. This is because most products in Denmark contain less added substances which contain gluten.
Examples of these are marinated meat or sauce. In Denmark, the products are made more purely, where less things are added that usually contain gluten. This is a big advantage of Denmark.

Places to eat

There is a fast-food restaurant where you can order gluten-free hamburgers. This is called Max Burgers and is only located in Copenhagen. Besides that, there are not many restaurants where they keep special attention to people with a gluten intolerance.

There is a bakery next to Copenhagen Central Station where some gluten-free pastries are available. They also have gluten-free pies. They do not state what is gluten-free and what not, so you have to specifically ask for it and then they will tell you.

Moreover, next to Nørreport Station, there is a small shop where they sell gluten-free sandwiches. They are very expensive but nice to sometimes have for lunch. If you are somewhere near to Copenhagen it is also very easy to take the train to Sweden and within half an hour you are in the gluten-free paradise. For example in Lund and Malmö, you can eat gluten-free pizzas in restaurant Vespa and order gluten-free hamburgers at McDonald’s.

Places to stay

You have to ask the accommodation. The author of this Travel Net page stayed once at the Wakeup Hotel in Copenhagen and asked for gluten-free bread at breakfast. This was not a problem, so there they are able to cope with this.

Other information

For further information please contact the Danish Coeliac Society:

Dansk Cøliaki Forening
Postboks 117
DK-5100 Odense C


Telephone number: + 45 70 10 10 03
Monday 9.00 – 12.00
Tuesday 9.00 – 12.00
Wednesday 14.00 – 16.00
Thursday 9.00 – 12.00

The author of this Travel Net page stayed in Denmark only for 5 months and now lives in the Netherlands again. If you want any more information about living in Denmark with a gluten-free diet, don’t hesitate to contact her through email: geertjeslingerland [at] hotmail [dot] com

Last update of this Travel Net information: February 2014

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