Dietary explanation

Da ich an einer Unverträglichkeit von Getreideeiweiß leide (Weizen, Roggen, Gerste, Hafer, Dinkel und Malz), darf mein Essen kein Mehl, Paniermehl, Grieß, Nudeln usw. enthalten. Sollten in dem gewählten Gericht davon Bestandteile enthalten sein, die nicht weggelassen werden können, bitte ich um einen anderen Vorschlag. Vielen Dank!

Due to my incompatibility against grainprotein (wheat, rye, barley, oat, spelt and malt), my meal must not contain any flour, breadcrumbs, farina, pasta and so on. If there should be components of it in the chosen meal, which cannot be omitted, please make me another offer. Thank you very much.

Where to buy gluten-free food

A lot of gluten-free products can be found in shops called “Reformhaus“, or “Neuform” shop. However, each shop provides a different variety of products depending on the size and the location of the shop.
In general, these stores provide products from the following producers (the selection may differ from region to region):

Normally you can also find gluten-free products such as bread or pasta in other health food stores named “Naturkostladen” or “Bioladen” or in big supermarket chains, like Real, Kaufland, Globus, famila, Edeka, Rewe and dm-Markt. In other stores you properly only can find rice cakes. You also have to be very careful when buying “gluten-free” bread or “rice or potato bread” made in some ordinary bakeries. There is no guarantee for a gluten-free standard.

Some gluten-free bakeries have a “gluten-free” bread-sortiment or provide information about shops with gluten-free food in Germany via Internet. Please have a look at:

There are several gluten-free bakeries in Germany which sell by mail order. Their bread is really good.

Normally you order the bread by phone, post or email. It will arrive fresh at your address within a few days. The bread is delivered throughout Germany either by a private parcel service (UPS, Deutscher Paketdienst) or by the “Deutsche Post AG / DHL”.
For the way of payment please contact the company itself before ordering.

Places to stay & eat

The German Coeliac Society offers a short brochure called “Sorglos Reisen” (= traveling without sorrows). Within this brochure you can find information about gluten-free hotels and restaurants. On the webpage of the German youth board you can also find the results of a youth hostel inquiry made by the German youth board. We asked all German youth hostels to state whether it is possible to eat gluten-free at their location. Always check this information yourself, because it can change.

Other information

For further information please contact the DZG (the German Coeliac Society):

Deutsche Zöliakie-Gesellschaft e.V. (DZG)
Kupferstr. 36
D-70565 Stuttgart

Tel.: + 49 / 711 / 45 99 81 – 0
Fax: + 49 / 711 / 45 99 81 – 50
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Email DZG

or email directly the German Youth Board.

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