Dietary explanation


Soffro di celiachia/dermatite erpetiforme, un’intolleranza permanente al glutine. Per questo motivo i miei cibi non devono contenere la minima quantità dei seguenti cereali: grano (compreso farro e grano khorasan, spesso commercializzato come kamut®), orzo, segale, spelta, avena.

Mi può dire, per favore, se in questo ristorante vengono serviti cibi adatti o se è possibile prepararmi un piatto senza alcuno dei cereali sopra elencati (ad esempio, salse senza farina, scaloppine non impanate o infarinate), oppure adoperare qualche altro tipo di farina come ad esempio farina di granoturco, riso, miglio, grano saraceno, fecola di patate, soia?

In caso contrario, è assolutamente necessario che le mie pietanze non vengano né impanate né infarinate, e che non siano servite con crostini o pane.

Inoltre, è essenziale utilizzare stoviglie pulite e preparare il cibo in un’area pulita della cucina.

Evitate, per favore, di cuocere gli alimenti a me destinati nell’acqua già utilizzata per cuocere pasta con glutine o nell’olio già utilizzato per friggere alimenti pastellati con farina di frumento.

Per ogni dubbio, per favore mi chieda. Grazie mille!



I am suffering from coeliac disease, a permanent intolerance for gluten. For this reason my food must not contain the minimal amount of the following cereals: wheat (included farro and Khorasan wheat), rye, barley, spelt, kamut and oats. Can you please tell me if I can eat in this restaurant or if it is possible to prepare a plate for me without some of the cereals over listed (for example, sauces without flour), or to use some other types of flour as flour of corn, rice, potatoes or soy.

Otherwise, it is strictly necessary that my food is not prepared with breadcrumb or wheat flour, and that it is not served with bread.

It is also important to use clean kitchen equipment and to prepare food in a clean area in the kitchen.

Please, don’t cook my food in water already used to cook pasta with gluten, or in oil used to fry breaded food.

If you are in doubt, please ask me. Thank you!

Where to buy gluten-free food

In Italy, finding gluten free food got a lot easier in the past few years. It is now possible to find gluten free products in almost every supermarket and in many pharmacies. You will also find some specialised shops, which sell a great variety of gluten free food. If you don’t know if a product is safe to eat, check if it contains the “senza glutine” label. The product is also safe if it contains the crossed grain symbol or if it is in the Italian society’s list of certified products (Prontuario degli alimenti, available online and on the AIC mobile app).

The society’s members receive a paperback copy of the Prontuario. The Italian Coeliac Society developed an app (“AIC Mobile”) where you can check if a product belongs to our list of gluten free products. Please remember that a product can be safe and gluten free even if it is not in our list, but has the “senza glutine” label and/or the crossed grain symbol.

AIC Mobile is free and very easy to use! You can look for the product you want to check simply typing its name, scanning its barcode, or looking each category.

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You can download the app on the Apple store, Microsoft store or Google play:





Before using it, you will have to register in the society’s official site ( You will receive a username and password that you will need to use the app.


Places to stay & eat


The Italian Coeliac Society has a project dedicated to eating out (Progetto Alimentazione Fuori Casa). The project was born to create a network of venues that can provide gluten free food.

The project currently counts more than 4,000 venues all over Italy. Specialised volunteers and professionals train and check each venue before entering the project and periodically after its entrance. For entering the project, venues have to comply with high standards for preparing gluten free food and they have to offer a minimum choice of gluten free dishes.

Among the venues you can find:

  • Restaurants, pizzerias, cafés, pubs, wine bars and ice cream parlours.
  • Bakeries and patisseries.
  • Hotels, B&BS and tourist resorts.
  • Sailing boats.
  • Catering services.

If a venue belongs to the Italian society’s network, it shows the following label:


You can follow this link to browse the network’s venues all over Italy:


You can find the same list of gluten free venues on “AIC Mobile”. Both the online list and the app also include a map!

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Other information

General Information

The knowledge about the coeliac disease is widespread in Italy. Most specialists (physicians, chemists, etc.) are full informed about it, but there is a good level of awareness also among the rest of the population.




Contact people for youth activities:

Alessia Patuelli (CYE delegate):
Luca Pocher (CYE delegate):
Sara Pecorella (delegate for youth activities):

For more information about the Italian Coeliac Society, please visit:


Here the data to contact the head office of the Italian Coeliac Society:

  • Address: Via Caffaro, 10 – 16124 Genova
  • Tel: +39 10 25 10 235
  • Fax: +39 10 844 94 04
  • Email:


The Italian Coeliac Society is a federation of 20 Regional Societies. For specific information about the situation in a region don’t hesitate to contact the local society. You will find their contacts on this page:, or just by clicking on the map in the homepage:

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