Dietary explanation

Til den som skal tilbrede mitt måltid (bør leveres til kokken):
Jeg har sykdommen cøliaki og kan derfor ikke spise matretter som inneholder gluten. Gluten finnes i hvete, bygg, rug og havre og dermed i vanlig brød, kjeks, pasta osv. Selv små mengder gluten (smuler, meldryss osv.) kan gjøre meg syk. Ris, grønnsaker, frukt, ren fisk og rent kjøtt er naturlig glutenfritt og kan med fordel brukes i et glutenfritt måltid.

To the person who prepares my food (should be handed to the kitchen)
I suffer from coeliac disease and cannot therefore eat prepared food that contains gluten. Gluten is found in wheat, barley, rye and oats and therefore in normal bread, biscuits, pasta etc. Even small quantities of gluten (crumbs, flour dust, etc.) can make me ill. Rice, vegetables, fruit, pure fish and pure meat are naturally gluten-free and can therefore be used in the preparation of gluten-free meals.

Where to buy gluten-free food

Recommended stores are as following, and these stores are situated all over Norway:

Coop Mega:
Greatest range of products out of the all the Coop-stores.

Massive assortment. Located only in the larger cities.

Significant selection. Located only in the larger cities.

Spar (Eurospar): +47 24 11 33 33
Great range of gluten-free products.

Some gluten-free products.

Special health-stores nationwide:
Sunkost og Helsekost.

On travel in Norway

Togservice, who is responsible of the food on NSB trains notify us that they have gluten-free pasta and gluten-free pasta with chicken. It is likely that it is required that you order in advance. Also it’s worth mentioning that all NSB’s long-distance trains offer gluten-free sausages and mashed potatoes.

Possible to order gluten-free breakfast on domestic flights before 9am, but it is required that you order at least 24 hours before departure. Call 05400 to order.

Places to stay & eat


Peppes Pizza:
Here you are able to get most of the pizzas gluten-free, medium size.

Dolly Dimples:
Dolly offer gluten-free pizzas, small size (30 cm). The price is the same as for a large pizza.

Burger King:
Large allergy list on their website, (milk, egg, soya, gluten, fish).

Most burgers can be served as gluten-free burgers.

Bighorn Steak House:
Everything on the main course menu is gluten-free, except for the peppersauce.

No official information, but offer a variety of gluten-free meals, ask the staff.

La Baguett:
Offer gluten-free baguettes.

Bagel and juice:
Offers gluten-free Bagels and sandwiches.

Local information:



Tel: +47 748 20 599
Great range of flour mixes, baguettes, pasta and biscuits etc.

Holm Bakeri & Konditori
Industriveien 6
Tel: +47 982 68 800
Frozen bread and other similar products.

Johnsen Bakeri
Kjøpmannsgata 23
Tel: +47 748 24 344
Breads and cakebuns.

Anne Ingstad, Privat Bakeri
Tel: +47 995 94 987
Privately owned bakery with a significant range of gluten-free products. Call in advance to place an order.

Stjørdal Glutenfrie Hjemmebakeri v/Anne Mari Gederaas Ingstad
Prestmovn. 65, Stjørdal
Tel: +47 74 8265 06
Deliver several types of bread, rolls, cakes, vanillarolls and hamburgerbuns.
Fixed delivery to several businesses around the country, has their outlet in the local area and also delivers by post to private homes. Highly appreciated if order is placed in advance.


Joys Taimat AS
Just north of the city a steakhouse beside the Hydro Texaco has promised to have gluten-free alternatives in the future.

No.39/Backlund Hotell
Kirkegata 41
Tel: +47 740 81 600
Bread and sauces made from maizena.


Tinos Hotell og Restaurant
Verftsgata 5
Tel: +47 742 18000
Gluten-free pizzas and sauces made from maizena.

Himmel og Hav Namsos AS (Namsos storsenter)
Verftsgata 2/4
Tel: +47 742 72 150
Gluten-free cakes delivered from Lierne Bakeri.

Hamstad Bakeri
Pinaveien 12
Tel: +47 742 260 90
Gluten-free bread at 2 outlets: Namsos Storsenter and the Amfi senter.
Deliver several places in Namsos and upward Namdalen.

Lierne Bakeri AS
Tel: +47 743 43 070
Deliver several places in Namsos.



Primo: Italian Restaurant with gluten-free pasta.

Graffi: American burgers, with gluten-free hamburgerbun.

Mikaelsens bakery: Great selection with almost everything you want.

Bari: Gluten-free bread.

Jordbærpikene: Gluten-free delicious sandwiches.

La Baguette in Tiller has gluten-free baguettes.

NTNU: Gluten-free bread in all the cantines and the department and Gløshaugen shall offer a gluten-free dinner every day.

Møllen restaurant and pizzeria AS in Oppdal have gluten-free pizza, can also prepare beef with gluten-free bread.

Troms Fylke:

Storfjord Kommune:

Lyngskroa Hotell:
Prepare after enquiry.

Lyngen Kommune:

Steigen vertshus:
Does not advertise a gluten-free menu. For dinner, gluten-free dishes can be arranged together with the customer(s). For seminars etc. where gluten-free food is pre-ordered, they will bake gluten-free bread to serve with the meal. Then they will also have gluten-free cakes in display.

Nordreisa Kommune:

Bios Cafe:
Offer very little bread, but all gravy’s are except brown sauce, are made of maizena. Offer often gluten-free cakes. Can also order gluten-free pizza buns after the demand from costumers.

Norlandia Storslett Hotell:
Offer a very simple menu, which is all gluten-free – except from the apple cake which contains gluten.

Kvænangen Kommune:

Gildetun gjestestue:
Supply overnight stayers a gluten-free offer, on request. The offer for non-staying guests was pretty poor, the only thing they could offer was a range of salads.

Målselv Kommune:

Bardufoss Hotell Rica og Rundhaug gjestegård:
Offers gluten-free food. They have also gluten-free bread available. Tried to please their customers by preparing the food by their requests.

Offer gluten-free pizza. Gluten-free beer can also be served according to contact.

Tromsø Kommune:

Aunegården as:
Has one lunch menu and one evening menu. The lunch menu contains courses including/like different salads, soups etc. which are served with gluten-free bread. The evening menu also contains salads and soups which are served with gluten-free bread. Some of the main courses are gluten-free, like the entrecôte, the marinated chicken breast, and the trout. They have at least one cake which is gluten-free.

Lotus vin og mathus:
Costumers can receive gluten-free food after request.

A lot of the food is gluten-free, and they’re trying to have gluten-free bread available at all times. They’re also trying to stay away from food containing gluten and are very good at taking other allergies into consideration.

Compagniet Restaurant:
Most of the courses where gluten-free, except from some sauces. Very good at adjusting to consumers wishes in the best way possible.
Not the largest selection of gluten-free food, but a good range of salads. Could order in gluten-free bread from large groups, when ordered in advance.

Tangs Restaurant as:
Offer a great range of gluten-free meals. If you call in advance they will also be more watchful when the meal is prepared.

Steakers Tromsø AS:
Almost all the courses where gluten-free, but there was no gluten-free bread and the onion rings where not gluten-free.

Only a small selection of gluten-free food. Nachos, salads and potato boats where at least gluten-free. They also offered frozen gluten-free hamburger bread.

Offer gluten-free pizza. The pizza bun is made by themselves, which causes it to take a bit more time (approximately 1 hour).

Knoll og Tott:
Offer gluten-free bread next to the salads.

Pedersens bakeri:
Offer gluten-free cookies.

Berg kommune:

Mefjord Brygge AS:
Can prepare a gluten-free meal when demanded. Keep gluten-free bread in the freezer.

Harstad kommune:

Røkenes Gård og Gjestehus:
Offer a good selection of gluten-free products, can prepare mainly everything gluten-free when social gatherings are arranged.

Lofoten kommune:

Santorg holmen hotell:
Can prepare gluten-free when ordered.

Salangen kommune:

Mazhars Grillbar og Catering:
Gluten-free sauces. Mainly everything within catering is gluten-free, if not they can prepare when ordered.

Dyrøy kommune:

Dyrøymat AS:
Bake their own bread, when ordered. Keep a small range of gluten-free cakes in the freezer.
Baker glutenfritt brød selv, om de får etterspørsel. Har noen glutenfrie kaker i fryseren.

Dyrøy camping:
Offer a small range of gluten-free products.

Other information

For further information, you can contact the Norwegian Youth Coeliac Society.

Pb. 4725 Nydalen, 0421 Oslo
Telephone: +47 22 79 93 39

Last update of this Travel Net information: August 2008

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