Dietary explanation


Imam celijakiju što znači da iz medicinskih razloga ne smem da jedem hranu koja sardži gluten ili proizvode koji sadrže isto.
To znači:
Nijedan proizvod koji sadrži pšenicu, raž , ječam, speltu, kamut i žitarice, kao i proizvode poput brašna, griza, prezli, hleb, paste, špagete, knedle, soseve, kolače, oblande, itd.
Da li imate jela na meniju koja su pogodna za mene, da li možete da pripremite obrok koji u sebi ne sadrži ono što je navedeno gore, npr. da koristite kukuruzno brašno, ili krompirovo brašno za sos? Da pripremite meso, ribu i povrće bez brašna i prezli?
Takođe je važno da koristite čistu kuhinjsku opremu i spremite hranu u čistoj kuhinji, bez mrvica hleba i sl.
Ukoliko vam nešto nije jasno, molim vas da se konsultujete sa mnom. Hvala!


I am suffering from coeliac disease and therefore because of medical reasons I am not allowed to eat any foods which contain gluten-containing cereals or products of these.
This means:
No products from wheat, rye, barley, spelt, kamut and oats as well as products of these like flour, semolina, breadcrumbs, bread, pastry, noodles, dumplings, sauces, cakes, wafers, etc.
Are there any dishes on your menu which are suitable for me or can you prepare a meal without above mentioned foods e.g. to use maize starch or potato flour for the sauce and to prepare the meat, the fish or vegetables without flour or breadcrumbs?
It is also important to use clean kitchen equipment and prepare food in a clean area in the kitchen.
In doubt, please consult the person concerned. Thank you!

Where to buy gluten-free food

You can buy products from: Schär, Sam Mills, Frankonia, Scotti, Molino di Ferro, and for our national brands we can only recommend Cipiripi.
You can find them in Mercator.

Places to stay & eat

If you plan to come to Serbia we recommend you to first contact Serbian Coeliac Society, and ask about places to stay. Hotel N, in Belgrade, was collaborating with us a couple of times.

Currently Serbia has no gluten-free restaurants which are recommended by Serbia Coeliac Society. You can find gluten-free pastry in Novak restaurant.

Other information

You can contact us using this e-mail: or the president of our society: (contact number: +381638832511, Vesna Pavkov).

Contact persons youth
If you are a youngster you can contact us on

Last update of this Travel Net information: April 2013