Dietary explanation

Jag är glutenintolerant

Det innebär att jag inte tål att äta eller dricka något som innehåller vete, råg, korn och havre.
Till exempel mjöl, gryn, bröd, pasta, pizza, ströbröd, såsredning och panering.
Det är viktigt att det jag äter och dricker är fritt från vete, råg, korn och havre så att jag inte blir sjuk.
Tack för er hjälp.

Where to buy gluten-free food

Gluten-free food can be bought in all the major grocery stores (ICA, COOP, Willy’s, Konsum etc.).

There will be a special shelf where all the gluten-free food are, sometimes they’re marked with the text “glutenfritt”
Sometimes they have one shelf and a freezer for the frozen products somewhere else.
The selection is very good. You can find everything from muffins to pasta to pizza these days.
Most of the products that are gluten-free have the crossed grain symbol on them, but there is one brand that has gluten-free products without having the crossed grain symbol on their products, that brand is named ICA and instead they have a text on their products saying “fri från gluten”.

Places to stay

The CYE has not verified these establishments and are displaying these adverts in good faith. The CYE cannot be held responsible for any claims made by establishments. All information is correct at time of print; however, it is recommended that travellers ring in advance to ensure that this information is still correct and to allow the proprietors to prepare for their visit.

Scandic Hotels have gluten-free bread at their breakfast if you ask for it.
Other hotels might but there is no guarantee.

Places to eat

All the major hamburger places in Sweden have gluten-free bread (McDonald’s, Burger King, Max). Just ask for it when you order and they will know right away.
It is even the same price!

Some pizza places have gluten-free pizza but it is often a little more expensive.

All Pizza Hut restaurants has gluten-free pizza.

There is a couple of gluten-free bakeries in Sweden. If you are close they are definitely worth checking out.

Name: Friends of Adam
Adress: Hornstulls Strand 13
117 39 Stockholm


Name: Blomgrens Glutenfria Bageri
Adress: Almänna vägen 50
414 56 Göteborg


Name: Lilla torget glutenfria bageri
Adress: Axel Dahlströms torg 3
414 80 Göteborg


Name: Glutenfritt i Malmö
Adress: Älggatan 26
216 15 Limhamn



Name: Barbros Mini Bitar
Adress: Duvgränd 6
Sundbyberg, Stockholm
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Name: KEA Bageriet
Adress: Skaldevägen 59
Bromma, Stockholm
Website: http://www.kea.se/
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Other information

Coeliac Disease is pretty well known in Sweden. But most people know it as Gluten Allergy.
Ask at restaurants if you are unsure about if the food contains gluten. Often they will check with the chef.
The chefs learn in cooking school what Coeliac Disease is, so they will know.

For further information please contact Swedish Coeliac Youth:
Svenska Celiakiungdomsförbundet (SCUF)

Norr Mälarstrand 23
112 20 Stockholm

General Telephone Enquiries: 00 46 (0) 8-562 78 807


Contact person youth
Sara Eriksson Email: styrelse@scuf.se

Last update of this Travel Net information: July 2011