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Dietary explanation

Ik heb coeliakie en mag op medische gronden geen gerechten eten die gluten of met gluten bereide producten bevatten.

Dat houdt in:
Geen producten uit tarwe, rogge, gerst, spelt, kamut of haver en evenmin daaruit bereide levensmiddelen zoals (gries)meel, beschuit, paneermeel, brood, gebak, deegwaar, sauzen, koekjes, wafels, sojasaus (ketjap) waarin ook tarwe is verwerkt e.d.

Kunt u mij gerechten op de menukaart aanwijzen die voor mij geschikt zijn? Of zou u misschien bij de bereiding van gerechten de bovengenoemde ingrediënten kunnen weglaten of vervangen door ingrediënten die ik wel mag eten, bijvoorbeeld de saus met maïszetmeel (maïzena) of aardappelmeel binden en het vlees, vis en groente zonder (paneer)meel te bereiden?

Het is ook noodzakelijk om schoon keukengerei te gebruiken en gerechten te bereiden op een schone plaats in de keuken.

Bij twijfel graag altijd overleggen met de betrokkene. Dank u wel!

Translation in English:

I am suffering from coeliac disease and therefore because of medical reasons I am not allowed to eat any foods which contain gluten-containing cereals or products of these.

This means:
No products from wheat, rye, barley, spelt, kamut and oats as well as products of these like flour, semolina, breadcrumbs, bread, pastry, noodles, dumplings, sauces, cakes, wafers etc.

Are there any dishes on your menu which are suitable for me or can you prepare a meal without above mentioned foods e.g. to use maizestarch or potatoflour for the sauce and to prepare the meat, the fish or vegetables without flour or breadcrumbs?

It is also important to use clean kitchen equipment and prepare food in a clean area in the kitchen.

In doubt, please consult the person concerned. Thank you!

Where to buy gluten-free food

In the Netherlands you can buy gluten-free products at
– Health stores (called ‘reformwinkel’ or ‘natuurvoedingswinkel’ in Dutch)
– Most supermarkets
– The internet

You can buy gluten-free products nationwide, although it can be hard to find a health store in small places. In the big cities, most of the time, the health stores are bigger too, so there often is a broader assortment of gluten-free products than in a small city. The health stores are a bit more expensive then products in the supermarket, but they do have a larger assortment. At more and more supermarkets you can find bread, cookies, pasta. Sometimes only from one (or two) brands, sometimes there is more choice . The gluten-free products are often placed at the same shelf as the dietary-products (like sugar free products and products to loose weight). In a few supermarkets, they have a wide assortment of gluten-free food. For more details: ask the Dutch Coeliac Society (NCV).

Since some years more and more supermarket chains sells gluten-free bread. Sometimes it’s frozen, sometimes you can find it somewhere in the supermarket (asking is the easiest way to find it).
All gluten-free products from Albert Heijn’s own brand are marked with a gluten-free symbol. And more and more producers put the gluten-free symbol on their products or say the product is “glutenvrij”.

In the Netherlands: gluten-free is not always wheat-free! Some brands use wheat starch, in Dutch “tarwezetmeel”.

For an overview of most gluten-free products in the Netherlands on sale (more than 35.000), visit Livaad (in Dutch).

Places to eat

The CYE has not verified these establishments and are displaying these adverts in good faith. The CYE cannot be held responsible for any claims made by establishments. All information is correct at time of print; however, it is recommended that travellers ring in advance to ensure that this information is still correct and to allow the proprietors to prepare for their visit.

Please visit the following website for a list of restaurants where Dutch coeliacs had good experiences with: Horecaad (in Dutch). You can find more than 6500 hotels and restaurants in this database!

Other information

For further information please contact the Dutch Coeliac Society:

Nederlandse Coeliakie Vereniging (NCV)
Address for visitors: Gooimeer 4 – 14, Naarden
Address for mail:
Postbus 5135
1410 AC Naarden
The Netherlands

General Telephone Enquiries: +31 35 69 54 002 (Monday-Thursday)

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