History of CYE

The AOECS Youth group first met in the 1990’s, and met every year after. The Youth were busy with coeliac items that were not covered by the ‘adult’ AOECS group. This included for example the website, gluten-free travelling, translation cards, Gluten-free McDonalds, etc.


The Youth group became bigger and in the year 2000 in Amsterdam it was decided that the group should organize itself better, in order to be more productive. Attempts were made to form a Youth Board and to create Rules & Regulations. In 2001 (Stockholm) the first unofficial board of AOECS Youth was installed, called the “Test Group“.

Rules were slightly changed and in 2002 (Malta) the first “Youth Committee” was elected, the board of the youth group. The new name “Coeliac Youth of Europe” was adopted here. The term of the Youth Committee is two years.



Read more about the Youth Committee here.