The annual CYE conference is the main event of CYE cooperation during the year. The delegates from CYE member youth groups and organizations gather up to share ideas and experiences, plan the next working year and develop the project schedule. It’s always an experience, a possibility to get contacts to other national coeliac youth groups, and to experience the international cooperation. For the delegates, the representatives of the national coeliac youth groups, it could be a melting pot of new ideas and a creative atmosphere.

The CYE conference parallels the AOECS conference, it takes place at the same location at the same time (CYE has meetings and workshops on Friday and Saturday). Usually the conference takes place in September. The conference begins with a review of the past year and project work, but the main part of the time is spent working out the new annual project – develop milestone goals, a schedule, and distribute the work and responsibilities. There are presentations about the CYE Summer Camps (about the previous and the following one). The organizing country of the over next year’s camp is elected in the conference.

If needed, change proposals to the Rules and Regulations are discussed and voted on during the conference. Every second year a new Youth Committee is elected. Usually, there is at least one speaker presenting on a topic relevant to the new annual project or on medical issues, and CYE presents its annual report in the AOECS General Assembly on Saturday evening.