CYE’s role, with the help of National Associations around Europe, is to improve the social life of young people with coeliac disease and raise awareness.

We do that through different projects: have a look at the main ones, below and in the menu!


The 2010s


European countries put together a collection of gluten free three-course menus, each consisting of a starter, a main course and a dessert. The cookbook now contains 41 recipes from 13 different countries! Find it here.

“Gluten Free Maps Europe”

The project was aimed at collecting and sharing public information on Europe and beyond.

 “Companies cooperation”

The CYE built and shared a survey on eating out habits for celiac all over Europe. Among the many results, the survey showed that 60% of the respondents would consider a decisive factor for choosing a place to eat being sure it can provide safe gluten-free options.

Results were used as a basis to contact and raise fast-food companies awareness on celiac disease, encouraging them to start serving gluten-free food.

 The 2000s

“Just Go”

This project was aimed at encouraging young coeliacs despite the disease to go abroad, live there and gather experiences. Having a strict gluten-free diet might prevent them from travelling and living abroad: this project wanted to inform youngsters about the possibilities of gluten-free life abroad and sources of further information. Learn more here!


This was one of the CYE’s first projects, starting in the 2000s. It is aimed at collecting information about eating gluten free in the European countries to make it easier for coeliacs to travel abroad. Browse the TravelNet menu to find more!

Finding missing countries

This project tries to find countries that are not represented yet in CYE, helping young groups to form.

 The 1990s

“Summer Camp”

The first international summer camp for coeliac youngsters was organised in Hungary in 1999. Over the years, the Summer Camps have gathered together hundreds of youngsters, who have fun in an international atmosphere, get friends from all over Europe and enjoy gluten-free food together. Browse the website to find more!