Summer Camp

The Summer Camp is probably one of the most famous projects of the Coeliac Youth of Europe. It started in Hungary in 1999 when youngsters from all over Europe met to enjoy their summer vacation for one week.

Every year another European country is the host of the CYE Summer Camp. Participants with coeliac disease between 18 and 28 years (sometimes till 30 years) are welcome. The participation fee differs from year to year, but has usually been +/- EUR 350,- (excluding the travel to and from the host country). The maximum of participants is mostly 30-60 people.

The CYE Summer Camp is meant for members of the national coeliac organizations. If there are places left, also others can participate.

In the menu you can find reports and/or photos from all Summer Camps. You can also find information about the next Summer Camp, which will be in Alicante (Spain) on 24 -31 July 2017. Learn more at