Just go – gluten-free abroad

Project 2009-2010

Why ”Just go”?
We want to encourage young coeliacs despite the disease to go abroad, live there and gather experiences which they otherwise couldn’t get. Having a strict gluten-free diet might prevent the will to go to abroad and jumping into a new gluten-free culture with different gluten-free products, health care system and level of knowledge. “Just go” wants to inform youngsters about the possibilities of gluten-free life abroad and sources of further information.

Download the “Just go – Gluten-free abroad guide for coeliacs” here.

Just go!
Go abroad, see the world and broaden your experience, gain new perspectives, learn a new language, make new friends, fight stereotypes and remember, don’t let coeliac disease stop you!

Gluten-free life in other countries
As you already probably know, the situation differs from country to country. But there are coeliacs everywhere. Prepare your stay in beforehand, search for information for example in the Travel Net. When you get there, learn to know your gluten-free surroundings, find the translation in the local language, learn at least the essential words and if you have questions, get in contact with the local coeliac organization.


Check out the Guides!
Check out the Just go – Gluten-free abroad guide for coeliacs for more tips and hints for your time abroad. This guide was formed together with the CYE delegates all over Europe and the CYE youth committee. You can download it below.

For organizations sending youngsters abroad
If you are sent abroad by an organization, for example by a language school, inform them about your coeliac in beforehand and send them the “Just go – Gluten-free abroad guide for organizations”. The guide offers information about gluten-free diet and products and answers important questions the organization might have when sending you abroad.

Download the “Just go – Gluten-free abroad guide for organizations” here.


The national coeliac youth groups have already sent this guide to several organizations, which send youngsters abroad. For example the large, international private education corporation EF has spread the guide inside their organization.




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